Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Downfall of America

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Yes as you know i predicted the Downfall of America

Here it is The Alberto Kang Prophecy American Nation Edition

really by now you should all know that i am just
Tom 2.0 Live

Writing into my Over 18 Digital Accounts and Profiles.

Whats true whats not true really depends on the time of the information you know about me.

As you know i often get in trouble for what i write
and right now many people in the world think i am crazy
So most of the time i try to give them evidence of that crazyness

However right now i am just more pissed of with the world

Recently a young woman died because she met some people she befriended on Facebook

And yet here i am with the information to educate people on the dangers of
Social Networking Profiles and Accounts and no one will
Communicate with me correctly after all this time.

Americans always bitch and moan and say how great there fucking country and
Democracy is yet still they do not get out and Vote

Three years i have been writing and sending emails and messages to people around the world
And to this day i still never know fully if my messages ever make it as some people do not reply
or leave comments on the Blogs

I send information to people and they still can not understand
What is important information that belongs to teh world because it was meant to be for the
Benefit of all Humanity.

Though i still wonder why Americans should be put in that Classification as to this date
They still have done nothing to help me and have only ever done things that have made my life
more difficult.

Here i am on the pursuit of Liberty and Justice for all and Happiness
And all they ever do is stop it
And prevent it from happening.

There i am in class and teaching schools and still i can not fully explain and teach things
as i still do not fully understand some things
Why the Fuck has it taken Tom Anderson so long to arrive and stand beside me and have a photo taken?

Not that any of my stupid ass students know who i am
No one has called me by any of the stupid names i use to label and store my
Life online for an eternity

Like how the fuck do people not know my age?
Its like the most publicized thing about me online

For two years i had my Passport uploaded to my MySpace profile
For three years i have sent invites to well just about anyone in the world
To celebrate my birthday and still no one does it right

Like really when the fuck do i start getting the things i want in my life.
Rather than the things people think i need

I am the man that discovered that Tom Anderson is not a real person
It is a Computer System that the American Government use to
Monitor and Spy on people around the world

And well i took over control and the running and operating of the system
and upgraded the system and handed control back to the stupid dumb president

So far he still has not taken control by posting a comment on
Tom 2.0 Live Public Profile

Is it really that much to expect that if Barack Obama does post a comment
That it Actual be from him and a personal real message and not some stupid ass
"Thanks for the add"

Yes people of the world

And this is the end of the world
I should know i am the person that is sent here to tell you
Wait, the real world?
Or the digital World?
Stupid ass people that are not really people that are using social networking profiles
To spam and phise and all that fucked up stuff.

How do i know this is the end of the world?
People still do not understand fully capable of what i am able to do in this world
and Employee me for all my skills

Will i actually have any ability to do anything to destroy profiles to millions and millions of people in the world?
I just delete the ones from my accounts
and try to tell people that they should do that to
Not all, just the ones that are not real people that you communicate to in real life.

I have been saying this for three years now and still the message is not getting through to people.

If people followed the Protocols and Rules that i use and live by
No one should die like the poor girl did recently in Australia

And here i am unable to speak

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0506

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

JAKE TAPPER: Do you think the President feels lucky that the terrorist failed?

Answer: Fuck yes, the President feels lucky, are you kidding me, some bomb failed to go off just because the idiot terrorist did not know how to make a bomb, of course the President feels fucking lucky wouldn't you?

REPORTER: Someone was put on a No Fly List and was still able to get on the plane anyway?

ANSWER: of course you fucking nob, how else can DHS find out if he was going to signal anyone before flying off with a message or something. As if they did not know where he was and what he was doing at that time.

REPORTER: can you explain the exact process of the NO FLY List and the Checks and Balances (paraphrased)

ANSWER: Thank God Gibbs just told the truth, no its not a good idea to Publicly explain the process. Though i would have just said, no thats TOP SECRET


As you can see here is my Oath of Allegiance Evidence.

REPORTER: Is this President Obamas Katrina?

ANSWER: Yes Every President from now on has a Katrina, The 45th President will have a Katrina, and it will be like "Is this like Obamas Katrina or Bush's Kartina?"
But i say mix it up, like This is Obama's Henry, or George, or Katie, or Lenny.

Alberto Kang

Saturday, May 1, 2010

US ELECTION 2010 The Alberto Kang Perspective

Dear Future Generations of Humanity and
People living and alive in 2010
Reading this.

There are important elections taking place
For some of you, you may side with the
Democratic Party

Or Perhaps you side with the
Republican Party
I side with the Republican Party as see here with my
Our GOP Profile of Alberto Kang

Or If you want you can talk me out of being a Republican

Tom Emmer State Convention Video