Monday, November 22, 2010

The Australia and United States Meet

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Look who had a meeting?

Look how lovely those two are just sitting there talking and chatting.
I wonder what they are talking about.

Entourage? I know the President likes to watch that show.
Or is Julia whiling The President with some outlandish Aussie Stories?

Are you discussing the long relationship our countries have?

Are you two swapping Social Networking Tips for Campaigning?

Are you creating a Secret Deal of Trade?

Are you talking about the Economic Stability of our Nations?

Are you talking about Military assistance?

What about some form of Protocols or rules for the Internet

Did you talk about
The Internet Protocols of Humanity?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Glen Beck Effect

Dear Americans Alive Living Today in 2010

Do you know of the Glen Beck Effect?

You just Predict stuff and then when it works you say

Hey look what i said its true

And when it does not work you just to not mention it?

Wait can i have a go at this?

Or is the things that i write to offensive for Americans

As you know i have often been in trouble for the things i write in Emails
and through Social Networking Services.

Where would Americans like me to write
And in what way would they like me to write
as apparently you all have a problem with what i do online

Write the truth