Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Co15 copenhagen - What will be achieved?

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

What did we achieve with Co15 Copenhagen?
It is 2009.1209
The Conference is under way and world leaders are meeting.

There is a will and a desire from the people of the world to achieve something
but will it be possible with so many countries?

Each country has different levels of Production and Population
Cultures and lifestyles vary from region to region.

Skeptics are out and about still denying that there is any need for action.

Will a general consensus be reached at this meeting.
No i don't think so, but i would love to be proven wrong.

There is so much talk these days and so little ACTION.

We the people of the world need to move into action and reduce our own personal
use of electricity.

There is now a DEMAND for products that run more efficient and produce less waste.
The Market economy should soon be filling that DEMAND with the SUPPLY
for the products.

Oil and Coal, humanity has relied on these two for so long.

What would i wish to see come out of this meeting.

A sharing of technology for the use of renewable resources so that over time our
reliance on Coal or non- Renewable energy sources is reduced.
Perhaps a better network that scientist can share their findings.

A Governing or Ruling Agreement that binds all countries to at least a minimum in reduction
then higher levels of reduction for the countries producing more Co2 omissions

This is the only Earth that we have.

We need to look after her as when we do she will look after us.

We humanity in this day an age forget that we rose up from living off the land
and we still do need to live off the land

The earth is what provides us so we should make sure she can keep providing us.

Should this be done in the harm of businesses? No.
Our economies need to be able to still flourish during these times of change.
World leaders have one big BALANCING act to work out.
I hope we have chosen the right leaders at this time of need.

Friday, December 4, 2009

An Alberto Kang Outing and Adventure


Tomorrow i will travel afar to the
City Depths of Sydney for

Tom Anderson

Will he be there at HOMEBAKE 2009?

Wait and see as the PHOTOS i take are later uploaded
as Alberto Kang Search for Tom 2009.

Plus i just wanted to write something here to see if when i post it
It is sent to TWITTER and then forwarded to FACEBOOK