Friday, August 13, 2010

The Prime Minister Call Sign

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Just what is the Call Sign for the
Prime Minister
when he/she are in the Car?

(photo courtesy of Latika M Bourke Political Reporter)

Well All Australians know that when in the Plane the Call Sign is

What many Australians do not know is that currently
of Australia is constantly tacked and monitored using the
Patented and copyrighted
Tom 2.0 Live Presidential Communication and Tracking Location System

What? you do not know about that?
oops i think i have said too much.

Well i will never tell what the Current Call Sign for the PM is?
and no its not
that would just be way to obvious and so not
useful as a Call Sign

Plus what happens if Tony Wins what will it be then?
BS One
(thats Budgie Smuggler not Bull Shit)

What if Bob Brown and the Greens Won?
Does that really sound right for a Call Sign?

Oh the Level of Top Secrecy that surrounds the current
Call Sign of the Prime Minister is great.

As most Australians know the Prime Minister is guarded by the

Guards United Yonder Service
for short

So Secret is the Australian Protection Team that surround the
Prime Minister
that the average
Australian would not be able to name
the Service or even the Director
Unlike the Americans
With their Secret Service and Current Director
Mark Sullivan.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010