Sunday, December 5, 2010

The WikkiLeaks Dump

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I fell the need to comment on something
The WikkiLeaks Dump

So Julian Assange is angered and pissed off
because the
Australian Government
are going to
Cooperate with the
United States Government
in helping him get arrested.

What did he expect to happen?
He claims he stands for Openness and Transparency and that
is why he Released the documents.
Well where are the Chinese Documents?
Where are the New Zealand documents?
Where are the Secret Spanish documents.
Why has it always been the United States?

Yes there are things that many countries keep Classified.
They do this for many reasons
and yes sometimes these need to be exposed and shown the light of day
so that people can know the truth
And then there are times when no, it is better if that information is not known.

Also What did Julian Assange think the Australian Government would do?
Sit back and let him release classified documents that can put people in danger?

Dam there was a Sate Department Email that said Future Employess should not
comment on Wikileaks
Luckily i am not a real American and so can comment