Friday, August 26, 2011

The Secret Service Target Practice

What really went on in the Meeting?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard: Now, about The Secret Service their use of Target Practice
President Barack Obama: What about it
PMJG: Well we Australians have a suggestion for you
PBO: By all means go ahead

PMJG: Well you need a Bad Guy, so here is a Crazy Australian Teacher that loves to
Volunteer for crazy things all the time, so i am sure he will be fine with it

PBO: So in this Photo the Secret Service shoot the Crazy man, and save
Ayo International Singer and Songwriter

PMJG: And here in this Photo, of Course the Secret Service shoot the Mad Man
and save
Claudia Karvan, Australian TV and Movie Star

PBO: Oh and i suppose here The Secret Service can shoot the bad guy and save
Harry Angus from
The Cat Empire that is Harry Angus from the Cat Empire Band?

PMJG: And here, oh, whats that Secret Service, No need to shoot anyone from this photo?

PBO: I like there idea, lets give these photos to the Secret Service so they can print them out
for target practice, i am sure there is some motivation some of them have to shooting the crazy man from all those Emails he sent.