Sunday, December 5, 2010

The WikkiLeaks Dump

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I fell the need to comment on something
The WikkiLeaks Dump

So Julian Assange is angered and pissed off
because the
Australian Government
are going to
Cooperate with the
United States Government
in helping him get arrested.

What did he expect to happen?
He claims he stands for Openness and Transparency and that
is why he Released the documents.
Well where are the Chinese Documents?
Where are the New Zealand documents?
Where are the Secret Spanish documents.
Why has it always been the United States?

Yes there are things that many countries keep Classified.
They do this for many reasons
and yes sometimes these need to be exposed and shown the light of day
so that people can know the truth
And then there are times when no, it is better if that information is not known.

Also What did Julian Assange think the Australian Government would do?
Sit back and let him release classified documents that can put people in danger?

Dam there was a Sate Department Email that said Future Employess should not
comment on Wikileaks
Luckily i am not a real American and so can comment

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Australia and United States Meet

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Look who had a meeting?

Look how lovely those two are just sitting there talking and chatting.
I wonder what they are talking about.

Entourage? I know the President likes to watch that show.
Or is Julia whiling The President with some outlandish Aussie Stories?

Are you discussing the long relationship our countries have?

Are you two swapping Social Networking Tips for Campaigning?

Are you creating a Secret Deal of Trade?

Are you talking about the Economic Stability of our Nations?

Are you talking about Military assistance?

What about some form of Protocols or rules for the Internet

Did you talk about
The Internet Protocols of Humanity?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Glen Beck Effect

Dear Americans Alive Living Today in 2010

Do you know of the Glen Beck Effect?

You just Predict stuff and then when it works you say

Hey look what i said its true

And when it does not work you just to not mention it?

Wait can i have a go at this?

Or is the things that i write to offensive for Americans

As you know i have often been in trouble for the things i write in Emails
and through Social Networking Services.

Where would Americans like me to write
And in what way would they like me to write
as apparently you all have a problem with what i do online

Write the truth

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inside the Beast with POTUS

Dear Future Generations of humanity
Once again using my special
Albertko Kang Network of Sources and Contacts
I was able to release this
Transcript from the Conversation Below
Photo Courtesy of White House Flickr Account


Hello this this is the President speaking

Its me Alberto Kang here

What have you heard about Tom 2.0 Live Making it to America

Well i talked to John Stewart and Stephen Colbert and they are not interested

Are you sure, they do know who Tom 2.0 Live is do they not?

I told them about the insurmountable Evidence he has against Fox News

So what did they say?

They said that Tom 2.0 Live needs to make his own way to the Rally

Thats a bit harsh, have they not read his Blogs?

I tried to explain to them but they did not understand

What do you mean

They did not know what a Blog was let alone Skype

Yeah i only started learning about Skype the other day

Well at least Tom 2.0 Live can watch online with Comedy Central

Yeah you know what would be a good idea, a Live Cross to Tom 2.0 Live

Yeah that would be something

Mona Sutphen:
Yeah i would like to see that too Mr President.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inside the Oval Office with POTUS and Jon Favreau

Dear Future Generations
Using Sources that i am unable to disclose at this moment
i was able to gain access to these Transcripts of what the
President and Jon Favreau were talking about in this meeting.

Photo Courtesy of The White House Flickr Account


POTUS: Ok, i want to talk to you about this Rally4Sanity and March to Keep Fear Alive

Jon Favreau:
The what Mr President?

: You know the Rally that John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are holding on 10.30.10

Jon Favreau:
Oh yeah that thing, i am too busy to make it i have a job

: yeah me too, i will be unable to make it, so i was wondering could you write some things up to send out

Jon Favreau:
I thought you were going to send Tom 2.0 Live to the Rally

Nah the Secret Service keep saying they will not let him in America

Jon Favreau:
Why? What did he do? Did he send some more Rude Emails to American Women?

: No, something else, that has the Secret Service worried, they will not even tell me.

Jon Favreau: So what should i write for this rally

something reasonable, sort of well rounded, appealing to the general well minded and balanced Americans out their that have not closed their minds off and are open to change

Jon Favreau:
So what just the usual then?

No, No, it needs to be a bit more, have that extra something

Jon Favreau:
So sort of like the Corination Speech? Or the State of the Union?

: Yeah sort of like that, have you seen what Tom 2.0 Live is writing lately?

Jon Favreau:
Are you going to finally give me Acces to the Top Secret Files of his?

POTUS: Yes i think it is time you see some of the stuff he is capable of

Jon Favreau:
So can i borrow from him?

Yeah i am pretty sure he will be ok with it


Friday, October 8, 2010

Inside the Situation room of the White House


ALBERTO KANG: Hello Mr President, i am here to brief you on the Tom 2.0 Live Situation

PRESIDENT: What Situation?

ALBERTO KANG: The one where he was fired in China for sending Sexually Explicit Emails to an American, i thought you were briefed on the situation?

PRESIDENT: oh yeah i sort of vaguely remember something about that

ALBERTO KANG: Well he is sending crazy emails to the White House again, what should we do?

PRESIDENT: Follow the Protocols

ALBERTO KANG: we have been doing that but they still will not stop?

PRESIDENT: I don't know, get a photo of him and Tom Anderson together and upload it to the net, like he has been saying for three years.

ALBERTO KANG: But where is Tom Anderson?

PRESIDENT: Find him, i thought you were the Vice President of MySpace?

ALBERTO KANG: Your not seriously thinking of making Tom 2.0 Live your Cheif of Staff?

PRESIDENT: I might be

ALBERTO KANG: but sir you can not, the Secret Service will have something to say about that.

PRESIDENT:They work for me

ALBERTO KANG: So you did get Tom 2.0 Live Fired in China?

PRESIDENT:No that was the Republicans

ALBERTO KANG:Should we bring Tom 2.0 Live over to Washington?

i am not sure about that

ALBERTO KANG: Perhaps John Stewart and Stephen Colbert could help out

PRESIDENT: That is a good idea. let me think about it.

The Julia Gillard Trip to Afghanistan

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Recently the Prime Minister of Australia
Julia Gillard

Traveled to Afghanistan.

Here is a photo of her traveling

Photo courtesy of the Julia Gillard Flicker Account

I wonder what she believes after her visit there?
Should we stay in Afghanistan?
Do we need to send more troops?

Are the Terror Networks still running?

Should We As Australians still stay in the War?

The Politicians may not be debating it in Parliament
But that does not mean we can not start debating it in public.

So yes Future Generations
Just look at all those lovely comments that people have written on this post

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Alberto Kang Military Experience

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

We have been Outed by
Stephen Colbert
In the Interest of Openness and Transparency
I am here to disclose that i am
Openly Bisexual
Secretly working in the Military

Who are we?
An Elite Military Group known as
Task Force 121
I Alberto Kang am the Leader of this Elite Gay/Bisexual/Lesbian
Military Task Force.

Recently Colbert outed us on National TV thereby
risking National Security
So i feel perhaps he should go before
Congress and Testify again on
Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

I would love to be able to tell you all the cool
missions that my Task Force 121 have successfully completed
But that would jeopardize
Operational Security

Yes i am openly Bisexual
Just Check my MySpace Profile or Facebook Profile
It says so.
But alas my serving in the
United States Military
must be kept

You can read about my exploits in
The Alberto Kang Adventures in China
Its posted somewhere online for all the world to see.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Prime Minister Call Sign

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Just what is the Call Sign for the
Prime Minister
when he/she are in the Car?

(photo courtesy of Latika M Bourke Political Reporter)

Well All Australians know that when in the Plane the Call Sign is

What many Australians do not know is that currently
of Australia is constantly tacked and monitored using the
Patented and copyrighted
Tom 2.0 Live Presidential Communication and Tracking Location System

What? you do not know about that?
oops i think i have said too much.

Well i will never tell what the Current Call Sign for the PM is?
and no its not
that would just be way to obvious and so not
useful as a Call Sign

Plus what happens if Tony Wins what will it be then?
BS One
(thats Budgie Smuggler not Bull Shit)

What if Bob Brown and the Greens Won?
Does that really sound right for a Call Sign?

Oh the Level of Top Secrecy that surrounds the current
Call Sign of the Prime Minister is great.

As most Australians know the Prime Minister is guarded by the

Guards United Yonder Service
for short

So Secret is the Australian Protection Team that surround the
Prime Minister
that the average
Australian would not be able to name
the Service or even the Director
Unlike the Americans
With their Secret Service and Current Director
Mark Sullivan.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Communist Party)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Communist Party Win)
(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Communist Australians
Welcome to this interesting new idea and fascinating new way for the
Government to interact and listen to the voices of the people and the Press
in a Freely and open way that is
Transparent and Exciting

I Tom 2.0 Live am your new Press Secretary

We here at new elected representative of the people in government
Led by our proficient and efficient and dedicated and esteemed leader
[insert name here]

If you are wanting to experience this new form of Governmental Interaction
you can log in and
Sign this
Deceleration of Independence of 2010

And if you are so inclined to experience this thrilling new idea of Democracy
you may cast a vote for who you want as the leader
of the
Communist Party
in this
Election for the President of
and as just we would like to keep the firewall of internet supremacy with
Internet Protocols of Humanity

My Fellow Comrades lets Celebrate this glorious day by getting drunk and going out and
singing and dancing and drinking and smoking
as that is what we always seem to do.

No more questions that is our statement tell the people, now lets all go get drunk.

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Australian Sex Party)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Australian Sex Party Win)
(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Australians

Good Morning and i would like to welcome you all to the the first ever
Press Briefing with me
Tom 2.0 Live
As your
Press Secretary

We here at the Australian Sex Party with the newly elected
[insert party leader name] Government
would like to thank all the supporters and voters for their mandate by voting for us.

Of course we straight away will be putting in place
The Internet Protocols of Humanity

Because what else would we do but use my writings
the very man that was fired for sending rude material in China
and was Deported for 5 years.

And of course i am so glad i saw all you fuckers out there sign this
The Declaration of Independence 2010

At the Australian Sex Party you all know how strongly we feel about
Democracy so you can bet your fucking ass we all voted in this
The Election of the President of

In the Interest of Openness and Transparency
(and the fact the Chinese already have these documents)
I am here to disclose the Top Secret Tom 2.0 Live Documents

Being the Security Time Check Alpha
Communication Break Down
The Tom 2.0 Live Network
and of course
The Tom 2.0 Live Communication and Presidential Recording System

I will now take your Questions...
And have you seen the Emails that got me fired from my last job?

Monday, July 26, 2010

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Greens Version)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Greens Party Win)

(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Australians

I would like to introduce you to the first ever Press Briefing
of the newly elected
Brown Government
Not quite Green but Green enough.

My name is Tom 2.0 Live and i will be your Press Secretary

Personally fuck man we are so thankful you voted for us
really we didn't think anyone knew we existed

And Fuck man just to be considered was an Honor but to Vote us in
Thanks Everyone for the support.

And so glad we all decided to Sign this
Deceleration of Independence of 2010.

And dam man so glad we all showed our democratic right and privalage to Vote
in the first ever
Election for the President of

and yes we will all be glad to see these
Internet Protocols of Humanity
Implemented as soon as possible for the
Safety and Security of our nation.

Now who is over the shock that we were voted in and has a real question to ask?

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Liberal Version)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Liberal Party Win)
(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Australians
Welcome to this new idea of a Press Briefing with me
Tom 2.0 Live
as your
Press Secretary

Can i just say there is so much typing in this job hope i do ok.

We here at the Abbott Government would like to welcome you all to the
New Press Room

From now on Daily and Hourly and Well when ever you want
we will have
Live Broadcasts

The Coalition would like to thank the Australians that
Decided to Stand up for Real Action and
Sign this
Deceleration of Independence 2010

And of course thank you all for your votes in
The Election of the President of

As you know there will be no Internet Filter and we have decided to
The Internet Protocols of Humanity

I would also like to point out that no i do not know any of these people
And i do not class them as my Friend as i sent messages to them
and they have not replied
Message to Celebrities

I will take your Questions now

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Labor Version)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Labor Party Win)

(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Australians
I would like to welcome you here to the first ever Press Briefing with
Press Secretary
Tom 2.0 live

Here are some opening remarks and then i will take your questions.

The election was a long and difficult race, it was tough and yes
it did come down to that photo finish

The Gillard Government would like to thank all those that helped and worked
tirelessly throughout the campaign.

We are glad Australians could Move Forward and sign
The Declaration of Independence of 2010

As i am sure you can all see
The Official Labor Space on Account signed that.

And i would like to thank all the helpful Labor Supporters that voted in
The Election for the President of

And as of today the
Internet Protocols of Humanity
will be followed by all Australians
negating the need for an Internet Filter

Ok, i will take your Questions now...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary

August 22nd 2010.
Parliament House
Press Briefing
Press Secretary : Tom 2.0 Live(photo courtesy of Latika M Bourke Political Reporter)

My Fellow Australians
I would like to welcome you here to this the first ever
Press Briefing from the first ever Press Secretary of
Tom 2.0 Live

As such i was too bored and lazy to come up with my own
National Security System so
Lets just copy the United States of America and use
Barack Obama's

In the interest of Openness and Transparency with the newly elected
[insert political party here]
and the undertaking of the
Web 2.0 Government Inititives
My time in China has been posted online
For an Eternity for all Australians to see

(i sort of made them into a TV Show like Blog Form)
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

However yes there are things of my life that are Classified as
and even at times

so do not be surprised if that's what i answer with and then give you no more details.

Yep in the interest of National Security i will lie to the Australian people at times.

I would like to thank the newly elected Prime Minster
[insert winner of election here]

And for being able to Move Forward and Stand up for Real Action and
Sign this
Deceleration fo Independence 2010

And as i voted for them it was so good they voted for me in the
Election of the President of

I am pleased the Australian people all decided to come to some
Compromise and agreement
and implement these
Internet Protocols of Humanity

As for today's business i will take some questions
Who should i call on first?
If only i knew the names of reporters?
If only they would email me at
so i can check you are who you say you are

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0721

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

here is the Press Briefing 2010.0721 and most of it was all about the media and the frenzy that happened with the firing of a USDA staff person for comments that were taken out of context.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

White House Press Briefing 2010.0714

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

I have been a little lax in posting and updating this Blog with the Press Briefings.

Also feel free to search Twitter with #FutureGenLobby for my efforts at Lobbying to Senators and Congress People for a Clean Energy Bill and Financial Reform Bill.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lobyist for Future Generations of Humanity

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

As you can see here from my
White House
I have completed my assignment of
Lobbying for you.

As you know you are Future Generations of Humanity
And you will know what i have been doing all this time
Lobbying on your behalf to
The White House

Now if only that Face to Face meeting will happen.

Because what possible reason could there be for
Luke Maniskas
The Lobyist for Future Generations of Humanity
from being able to have a Face to Face with the President?

Could it be some of the things i wrote and sent as
Alberto Kang to Secret Service?

Sort of like the things i was sending for two years while i was in China.

Any way as you can see i have represented you well

And Just how offensive is my writing if i could be Deported from China for 5 years?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0610

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Here are the Press Briefings from this week

June 9th

And June 10th

As you know
the Oil Spill was the main thing talked about
Still no one has mentioned my

Friday, June 4, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.06.01

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Here is the First Press Briefing for the Month of June.
You know why June is so Important. My Birthday occurs in June.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Downfall of America

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Yes as you know i predicted the Downfall of America

Here it is The Alberto Kang Prophecy American Nation Edition

really by now you should all know that i am just
Tom 2.0 Live

Writing into my Over 18 Digital Accounts and Profiles.

Whats true whats not true really depends on the time of the information you know about me.

As you know i often get in trouble for what i write
and right now many people in the world think i am crazy
So most of the time i try to give them evidence of that crazyness

However right now i am just more pissed of with the world

Recently a young woman died because she met some people she befriended on Facebook

And yet here i am with the information to educate people on the dangers of
Social Networking Profiles and Accounts and no one will
Communicate with me correctly after all this time.

Americans always bitch and moan and say how great there fucking country and
Democracy is yet still they do not get out and Vote

Three years i have been writing and sending emails and messages to people around the world
And to this day i still never know fully if my messages ever make it as some people do not reply
or leave comments on the Blogs

I send information to people and they still can not understand
What is important information that belongs to teh world because it was meant to be for the
Benefit of all Humanity.

Though i still wonder why Americans should be put in that Classification as to this date
They still have done nothing to help me and have only ever done things that have made my life
more difficult.

Here i am on the pursuit of Liberty and Justice for all and Happiness
And all they ever do is stop it
And prevent it from happening.

There i am in class and teaching schools and still i can not fully explain and teach things
as i still do not fully understand some things
Why the Fuck has it taken Tom Anderson so long to arrive and stand beside me and have a photo taken?

Not that any of my stupid ass students know who i am
No one has called me by any of the stupid names i use to label and store my
Life online for an eternity

Like how the fuck do people not know my age?
Its like the most publicized thing about me online

For two years i had my Passport uploaded to my MySpace profile
For three years i have sent invites to well just about anyone in the world
To celebrate my birthday and still no one does it right

Like really when the fuck do i start getting the things i want in my life.
Rather than the things people think i need

I am the man that discovered that Tom Anderson is not a real person
It is a Computer System that the American Government use to
Monitor and Spy on people around the world

And well i took over control and the running and operating of the system
and upgraded the system and handed control back to the stupid dumb president

So far he still has not taken control by posting a comment on
Tom 2.0 Live Public Profile

Is it really that much to expect that if Barack Obama does post a comment
That it Actual be from him and a personal real message and not some stupid ass
"Thanks for the add"

Yes people of the world

And this is the end of the world
I should know i am the person that is sent here to tell you
Wait, the real world?
Or the digital World?
Stupid ass people that are not really people that are using social networking profiles
To spam and phise and all that fucked up stuff.

How do i know this is the end of the world?
People still do not understand fully capable of what i am able to do in this world
and Employee me for all my skills

Will i actually have any ability to do anything to destroy profiles to millions and millions of people in the world?
I just delete the ones from my accounts
and try to tell people that they should do that to
Not all, just the ones that are not real people that you communicate to in real life.

I have been saying this for three years now and still the message is not getting through to people.

If people followed the Protocols and Rules that i use and live by
No one should die like the poor girl did recently in Australia

And here i am unable to speak

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0506

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

JAKE TAPPER: Do you think the President feels lucky that the terrorist failed?

Answer: Fuck yes, the President feels lucky, are you kidding me, some bomb failed to go off just because the idiot terrorist did not know how to make a bomb, of course the President feels fucking lucky wouldn't you?

REPORTER: Someone was put on a No Fly List and was still able to get on the plane anyway?

ANSWER: of course you fucking nob, how else can DHS find out if he was going to signal anyone before flying off with a message or something. As if they did not know where he was and what he was doing at that time.

REPORTER: can you explain the exact process of the NO FLY List and the Checks and Balances (paraphrased)

ANSWER: Thank God Gibbs just told the truth, no its not a good idea to Publicly explain the process. Though i would have just said, no thats TOP SECRET


As you can see here is my Oath of Allegiance Evidence.

REPORTER: Is this President Obamas Katrina?

ANSWER: Yes Every President from now on has a Katrina, The 45th President will have a Katrina, and it will be like "Is this like Obamas Katrina or Bush's Kartina?"
But i say mix it up, like This is Obama's Henry, or George, or Katie, or Lenny.

Alberto Kang

Saturday, May 1, 2010

US ELECTION 2010 The Alberto Kang Perspective

Dear Future Generations of Humanity and
People living and alive in 2010
Reading this.

There are important elections taking place
For some of you, you may side with the
Democratic Party

Or Perhaps you side with the
Republican Party
I side with the Republican Party as see here with my
Our GOP Profile of Alberto Kang

Or If you want you can talk me out of being a Republican

Tom Emmer State Convention Video

Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Here is the Press Briefing from the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Also here is the West Wing Week Video

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0419

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Here was the time today i had a break as Gibbs was just talking to the Press, nothing that interesting to hear as i heard it all before in his daily practice that he has in the morning for the days briefing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nuclear Security Summit Press Briefing

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
As you know i was recently on a Holiday from my Protection Detail of Protecting Robert Gibbs, the Press Secretary.


Of course the LEVEL of Protection we needed at this Nuclear Summit was extensive, luckily i eased back in to the job like a professional that i am and kept my eyes open for any threats that were directed at Robert Gibbs.

I am always impressed when John Brennan speaks and as an American feel so much more safe and secure that he is there helping to protect out nation against attacks from terrorist groups.

Alberto Kang

Monday, March 29, 2010

President Obama's Suprise Vist to Afghanistan

Dear Future Generation of Humanity
As you can see we here at the Secret Service were so good that we are able to get POTUS into a country without people knowing where he will be, thereby ensuring his safety and security.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Press Preifing on START Nuclear Treaty

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
About time we START something, cause of course you can now say it is a START.
The STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty or START.

Yes people a great day can be said to all that Nuclear Reduction is under way as well how many countries in the world do need to have the ability to blow the world up and end all civilization

ALL, what do you reckon, lets give each country one Nuclear missile and say here you are at any time you may choose to blow up the world, just first take this sedative and if in 1 hour you still feel there is a need to blow up the world.

But wait what about those countries that well, you can just see some crazy militia group or disorganized military setting it off early or losing the ability to control the COMMAND and CONTROL of their Nuclear Missile refinements.

The Threat of Nations starting the end of the world, is gone, what we have now is threats from Nuclear material and Terrorist and individual insane people that just are really determined to cause harm or terrorize the world.

As Special Agent in Charge of Robert Gibbs Security Detail, it was a great day to be standing there, just off camera in the James S Brady Press Room.

As i stared out across the sea of Reporters i was reminded just how stupid and dumb most of them are as they have never asked a question to Robert Gibbs about the
TOP SECRET Tom 2.0 Live Presidential Digital Recording and Communication System

Yes not one question from the reporters where made even though the details of this assignment is loaded up on the internet for all to see.

Alberto Kang
AGNET for the service of secrecy

Friday, March 26, 2010

The President and Gibbs go Shopping in Iowa

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

AS SPECIAL AGENT in Charge of the Robert Gibbs Security Protection Detail, it is my DUTY to REPORT to the world and Americans just how difficult my day was today, protecting him and POTUS while they went shopping.

And then the President had to go off and walk into the Crowd causing me to get really worried ans so many IDIOTS and PYSCOS are out there Tweeting and Blogging on how to Kill the President.

We were all on the Look out for that most INSANE THREAT Tom 2.0 Live, at any moment we Secret Service AGENTS are prepared to KILL ON SIGHT the threat of Tom 2.0 Live.

So lucky POTUS canceled the Australian Trip and he did not show his FACE

OMG what will happen when POTUS goes to Australia in June?
Will they be their on 5th June for the Tom 2.0 Live World Environmental Day of Tagging and storing of his Photos and Information.

Yes the stupid man decided to DELETE all PROFILES on his Accounts on his Birthday and then starts a new to make sure the right people are ATTACHED to the write accounts.

As The Alberto Kang IPONE needs to be set up and created, or is it the Tom 2.0 Live Blackberry?

Wait its 2010, surly by now the man that wrote
I will type lovingly and willingly into a computer
for an eternity to gain
A Safe Space for Minors on the internet
and gain
Live Satellite Coverage of Eearth
has a working smart phone so he can stay in touch with
Leaders of the free world
so that he could make changes to the
Internet protocols of Humanity

How else can i make sure that people of the world know without a shadow of a doubt what the World Leaders think as soon as they are added to that Profile of mine on and post comments on how they can change them

As There is a Translate button on there for the Chinese to use.

And well the rest of the world so they know what i write and type and can translate it that is why i prefer sometimes to write into and write
Whatever i want whenever i want and not care if people will understand it because i am writing into what i created as my Over 18 SPACE that is meant to be RESTRICTED from The World of my Students and people under 18

Yet my real life friends and many people of the world are trying to prevent that by not following the
Internet protocols of Humanity
I have left them like that as i know that there are meant to be people discussing what should or should not be in there, and so far no one has disagreed

I follow them each year, and will keep doing it each year on my birthday as that is how i wrote and created it to work.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

White House Press Briefing 2010.0324

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
If only Gibbs could tell the world about
The Internet Protocols of Humanity

They were written in China, so should the Chinese not follow them?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0322

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
As you can see from this great Press Briefing
Health Care Reform was passed and also i had to stand around for an hour
listening to all this reporters ask Robert Gibbs questions while staying on
ALERT to make sure they did not pose a threat to him.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Passing of Health Care Reform from the House

Dear Future Generations of Humanity,
The above video, is of yesterday when POTUS addressed the Democratic Caucus.

He said that they would make history and 24 hours later they did, as the Vote in the House was passed.

And here where the remarks that POTUS had to say, notice how the VP just stood there and did not get to speak.