Friday, October 8, 2010

Inside the Situation room of the White House


ALBERTO KANG: Hello Mr President, i am here to brief you on the Tom 2.0 Live Situation

PRESIDENT: What Situation?

ALBERTO KANG: The one where he was fired in China for sending Sexually Explicit Emails to an American, i thought you were briefed on the situation?

PRESIDENT: oh yeah i sort of vaguely remember something about that

ALBERTO KANG: Well he is sending crazy emails to the White House again, what should we do?

PRESIDENT: Follow the Protocols

ALBERTO KANG: we have been doing that but they still will not stop?

PRESIDENT: I don't know, get a photo of him and Tom Anderson together and upload it to the net, like he has been saying for three years.

ALBERTO KANG: But where is Tom Anderson?

PRESIDENT: Find him, i thought you were the Vice President of MySpace?

ALBERTO KANG: Your not seriously thinking of making Tom 2.0 Live your Cheif of Staff?

PRESIDENT: I might be

ALBERTO KANG: but sir you can not, the Secret Service will have something to say about that.

PRESIDENT:They work for me

ALBERTO KANG: So you did get Tom 2.0 Live Fired in China?

PRESIDENT:No that was the Republicans

ALBERTO KANG:Should we bring Tom 2.0 Live over to Washington?

i am not sure about that

ALBERTO KANG: Perhaps John Stewart and Stephen Colbert could help out

PRESIDENT: That is a good idea. let me think about it.

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