Friday, January 18, 2013

Inauguration 2013

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I have not felt the need to write into this Blog for some time now.
Though does have a "18+ Warning" for when entering the site, so people have been warned

Working at +The White House can often be quite tiring

So people out there if you are planning on going to Inauguration 2013
Please make sure you read this from
The Secret Service

I personally will be at home watching +Barack Obama be sworn in on TV.

Last time Obama was sworn in  i was in China in 2009 and well it was quite something

Unfortunately Mitt Romeny did not win, and i agreed with his ideas about
Self Deportation, and got a head start and left the country.

Now i find myself stuck in some land of OZ that is on Fire and burning.

So no, i was not able to be there to Photograph the President and say where i was
when he was sworn in

Though i did get this cool photo of the Obama Doll

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The 5th Amendment Confession

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I Herby waive my fifth amendments rights
what i write and say can and must me used against me
in a court of Law or Public Opinion.

I confess i wrote the

I confess i also created the said 
Youtube Pages
Twitter Accounts
Facebook Pages
Google+ Accounts in question.

I also confess i have never been to The White House

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Avengers

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I recently watched the following Film

The Green Lantern

I also watched another Film 

I recommend watching both these Films

Friday, November 18, 2011

Obama Oz Trip Down Under to the Top End 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Wow, it was a long and tiring day today
it started when we landed in

(all images from Julia Gillard, Barack Obama, White House, USAEmbassyCanberra, Ambassador Blietch Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts)
As i did not have time myself to take any photos.

I don't care what the Roster says i swear it was my turn to drive

Watching the kids was a breeze

In the Interest of Openness and Transparency the Australians made Barack Obama sign in

Then a Top Secret Meeting was had, i waited outside the door of course

Another Press Conference nothing that special about this one

There i am over to the Left i think second or third from the door.

Dinner was great i thought

then we were off to an undisclosed location for the night

then in the morning we were at the war memorial 

I paid my respects when i could but i was too busy making sure there were no
Stupid Dumb Australians that would try to run up to the President

I was able to get a bit of break when Obama did his usual thing and gave one of those
Anchor Speeches

 Of course it was not like back home, where the President can just walk in straight away and start speaking.
For some reason we had to wait to 
The Prime Minister,Julia Gillard gave her opening remarks and then
they allowed the, i think they call it 
The Opposition Leader 
a chance to speak up and have some remarks for the occasion.
and then well 
Barack Obama did the speech
Without a Teleprompter

Then man this was the most risky part, when all the Members of Parliament
were going up and shaking POTUS's hand

We were then off to other places like the Embassy for the Tree Planting Ceremony
and then back on to 
Where a few hours flight we were at
The Top End
Northern Territory
and saying hello to some Soldiers

Then Back on Air Force one to Bali for the 
East Asia Summit

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
and so 
APEC in Honolulu in Hawaii is drawing to a close.
So in two days
none other than
This man

 will be arriving in Australia
So just what will happen?

Do you know the History of the men and women that 
Serve and Protect this man?

And did my
Make it to his Eyes?
or what about

And what about all those people that work around this man
The White House
did they get my

And why is it that Barrack refuses to sit down with me to talk about
as am i not the founder of 

Here are the founding documents

And what about 
The American Prophecy that i wrote
Will this happen in the Future?

As well i can vouch that this 
Alberto Kang Prophecy never did happen