Friday, January 18, 2013

Inauguration 2013

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I have not felt the need to write into this Blog for some time now.
Though does have a "18+ Warning" for when entering the site, so people have been warned

Working at +The White House can often be quite tiring

So people out there if you are planning on going to Inauguration 2013
Please make sure you read this from
The Secret Service

I personally will be at home watching +Barack Obama be sworn in on TV.

Last time Obama was sworn in  i was in China in 2009 and well it was quite something

Unfortunately Mitt Romeny did not win, and i agreed with his ideas about
Self Deportation, and got a head start and left the country.

Now i find myself stuck in some land of OZ that is on Fire and burning.

So no, i was not able to be there to Photograph the President and say where i was
when he was sworn in

Though i did get this cool photo of the Obama Doll

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