Monday, March 29, 2010

President Obama's Suprise Vist to Afghanistan

Dear Future Generation of Humanity
As you can see we here at the Secret Service were so good that we are able to get POTUS into a country without people knowing where he will be, thereby ensuring his safety and security.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Press Preifing on START Nuclear Treaty

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
About time we START something, cause of course you can now say it is a START.
The STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty or START.

Yes people a great day can be said to all that Nuclear Reduction is under way as well how many countries in the world do need to have the ability to blow the world up and end all civilization

ALL, what do you reckon, lets give each country one Nuclear missile and say here you are at any time you may choose to blow up the world, just first take this sedative and if in 1 hour you still feel there is a need to blow up the world.

But wait what about those countries that well, you can just see some crazy militia group or disorganized military setting it off early or losing the ability to control the COMMAND and CONTROL of their Nuclear Missile refinements.

The Threat of Nations starting the end of the world, is gone, what we have now is threats from Nuclear material and Terrorist and individual insane people that just are really determined to cause harm or terrorize the world.

As Special Agent in Charge of Robert Gibbs Security Detail, it was a great day to be standing there, just off camera in the James S Brady Press Room.

As i stared out across the sea of Reporters i was reminded just how stupid and dumb most of them are as they have never asked a question to Robert Gibbs about the
TOP SECRET Tom 2.0 Live Presidential Digital Recording and Communication System

Yes not one question from the reporters where made even though the details of this assignment is loaded up on the internet for all to see.

Alberto Kang
AGNET for the service of secrecy

Friday, March 26, 2010

The President and Gibbs go Shopping in Iowa

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

AS SPECIAL AGENT in Charge of the Robert Gibbs Security Protection Detail, it is my DUTY to REPORT to the world and Americans just how difficult my day was today, protecting him and POTUS while they went shopping.

And then the President had to go off and walk into the Crowd causing me to get really worried ans so many IDIOTS and PYSCOS are out there Tweeting and Blogging on how to Kill the President.

We were all on the Look out for that most INSANE THREAT Tom 2.0 Live, at any moment we Secret Service AGENTS are prepared to KILL ON SIGHT the threat of Tom 2.0 Live.

So lucky POTUS canceled the Australian Trip and he did not show his FACE

OMG what will happen when POTUS goes to Australia in June?
Will they be their on 5th June for the Tom 2.0 Live World Environmental Day of Tagging and storing of his Photos and Information.

Yes the stupid man decided to DELETE all PROFILES on his Accounts on his Birthday and then starts a new to make sure the right people are ATTACHED to the write accounts.

As The Alberto Kang IPONE needs to be set up and created, or is it the Tom 2.0 Live Blackberry?

Wait its 2010, surly by now the man that wrote
I will type lovingly and willingly into a computer
for an eternity to gain
A Safe Space for Minors on the internet
and gain
Live Satellite Coverage of Eearth
has a working smart phone so he can stay in touch with
Leaders of the free world
so that he could make changes to the
Internet protocols of Humanity

How else can i make sure that people of the world know without a shadow of a doubt what the World Leaders think as soon as they are added to that Profile of mine on and post comments on how they can change them

As There is a Translate button on there for the Chinese to use.

And well the rest of the world so they know what i write and type and can translate it that is why i prefer sometimes to write into and write
Whatever i want whenever i want and not care if people will understand it because i am writing into what i created as my Over 18 SPACE that is meant to be RESTRICTED from The World of my Students and people under 18

Yet my real life friends and many people of the world are trying to prevent that by not following the
Internet protocols of Humanity
I have left them like that as i know that there are meant to be people discussing what should or should not be in there, and so far no one has disagreed

I follow them each year, and will keep doing it each year on my birthday as that is how i wrote and created it to work.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

White House Press Briefing 2010.0324

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
If only Gibbs could tell the world about
The Internet Protocols of Humanity

They were written in China, so should the Chinese not follow them?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0322

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
As you can see from this great Press Briefing
Health Care Reform was passed and also i had to stand around for an hour
listening to all this reporters ask Robert Gibbs questions while staying on
ALERT to make sure they did not pose a threat to him.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Passing of Health Care Reform from the House

Dear Future Generations of Humanity,
The above video, is of yesterday when POTUS addressed the Democratic Caucus.

He said that they would make history and 24 hours later they did, as the Vote in the House was passed.

And here where the remarks that POTUS had to say, notice how the VP just stood there and did not get to speak.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0318

Dear Future Generations of Humanity,
Today was a tough day, as you can see from this Press Briefing, Gibbs decided to have it outside. As a Special Agent in his Security Detail, this meant much more work on my part.

Patting down reporters and making sure the area was secure.

I hope he never does this again, so much extra work for my team.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0316

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

I know this post is late but there has been alot to do, with the upcoming trip to Australia and Indonesia. Here is the Press Briefing, once again being a time that i can relax as the person i am protecting is just surrounded by Reporters.

The Details of the Indonesian and Australian trip are shrouded in Mystery and many people are after where and when the President will be at places.

But as i work for the Service of Secrecy as Special Agent Alberto Kang, i am unable to divulge that information and have decided to Withhold posting those details up to the internet.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

White House Press Briefing 2010.0312

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Here is the Press Briefing, the one where Press Secretary Robert Gibbs wears a Canadian Jersey

Friday, March 12, 2010

White House Press Briefing 2010.0311

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Alberto Kang here, AGENT in charge of the Robert Gibbs Detail.
As you can see he is very good at EVADING the true reason why the President is on his way to Australia.

It is to capture Tom 2.0 Live the Digital Terrorist.

Can you see the White House Press Briefing and did you watch it?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0309

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
As you can see here is the Press Briefing with Robert Gibbs.
As SPECIAL AGENT in charge of the Detail protecting him these Briefings are a time of relief as they are the the time that we know he is most secure.

the only danger is the Press, they keep asking him the same questions and its quite boring to watch, but i keep my eye on them just in case someone has passed through the stringent security check points.

As you can see from this briefing there is some sort of Vote on Heath Care Reform on its way, i think it may be important.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What was that on health Care?

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Did someone say something about Health Care?
I thought Congress had fixed that already?
Why are they holding up the process?


Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Today i had to guard the President when he met some workers, it was a tough day, did POTUS say anything interesting, i was not listening, i was constantly on a state of Alert.

At 5:45 you will see when i received the Tom 2.0 Live Threat to the President
I am standing in the back keeping guard

Friday, March 5, 2010

White House Press Briefing 2010.0304

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
As SPECIAL AGENT in Charge of The Protection Detail of Robert Gibbs it is my great pleasure to share with you one of his briefings.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Secret Service Detail 2010.0303

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
If you look at this video at 2:14 you will see me
Alberto Kang Special Agent safeguarding the President.

This is my 89th time on rotation of Protecting POTUS where he has gone out and met with the American People and ate some food. As Always i stayed on ALERT for the full time POTUS was in the Cafe in case of an Attack.

Its getting harder and harder to determine who bears ill will to POTUS and so i struggle to keep up with going through the Photos of known Suspects of attack.

The Tom 2 0 Live History Of The Secret Service Option C

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: