Saturday, March 27, 2010

Press Preifing on START Nuclear Treaty

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
About time we START something, cause of course you can now say it is a START.
The STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty or START.

Yes people a great day can be said to all that Nuclear Reduction is under way as well how many countries in the world do need to have the ability to blow the world up and end all civilization

ALL, what do you reckon, lets give each country one Nuclear missile and say here you are at any time you may choose to blow up the world, just first take this sedative and if in 1 hour you still feel there is a need to blow up the world.

But wait what about those countries that well, you can just see some crazy militia group or disorganized military setting it off early or losing the ability to control the COMMAND and CONTROL of their Nuclear Missile refinements.

The Threat of Nations starting the end of the world, is gone, what we have now is threats from Nuclear material and Terrorist and individual insane people that just are really determined to cause harm or terrorize the world.

As Special Agent in Charge of Robert Gibbs Security Detail, it was a great day to be standing there, just off camera in the James S Brady Press Room.

As i stared out across the sea of Reporters i was reminded just how stupid and dumb most of them are as they have never asked a question to Robert Gibbs about the
TOP SECRET Tom 2.0 Live Presidential Digital Recording and Communication System

Yes not one question from the reporters where made even though the details of this assignment is loaded up on the internet for all to see.

Alberto Kang
AGNET for the service of secrecy

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