Friday, December 9, 2011

The Avengers

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I recently watched the following Film

The Green Lantern

I also watched another Film 

I recommend watching both these Films

Friday, November 18, 2011

Obama Oz Trip Down Under to the Top End 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Wow, it was a long and tiring day today
it started when we landed in

(all images from Julia Gillard, Barack Obama, White House, USAEmbassyCanberra, Ambassador Blietch Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts)
As i did not have time myself to take any photos.

I don't care what the Roster says i swear it was my turn to drive

Watching the kids was a breeze

In the Interest of Openness and Transparency the Australians made Barack Obama sign in

Then a Top Secret Meeting was had, i waited outside the door of course

Another Press Conference nothing that special about this one

There i am over to the Left i think second or third from the door.

Dinner was great i thought

then we were off to an undisclosed location for the night

then in the morning we were at the war memorial 

I paid my respects when i could but i was too busy making sure there were no
Stupid Dumb Australians that would try to run up to the President

I was able to get a bit of break when Obama did his usual thing and gave one of those
Anchor Speeches

 Of course it was not like back home, where the President can just walk in straight away and start speaking.
For some reason we had to wait to 
The Prime Minister,Julia Gillard gave her opening remarks and then
they allowed the, i think they call it 
The Opposition Leader 
a chance to speak up and have some remarks for the occasion.
and then well 
Barack Obama did the speech
Without a Teleprompter

Then man this was the most risky part, when all the Members of Parliament
were going up and shaking POTUS's hand

We were then off to other places like the Embassy for the Tree Planting Ceremony
and then back on to 
Where a few hours flight we were at
The Top End
Northern Territory
and saying hello to some Soldiers

Then Back on Air Force one to Bali for the 
East Asia Summit

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
and so 
APEC in Honolulu in Hawaii is drawing to a close.
So in two days
none other than
This man

 will be arriving in Australia
So just what will happen?

Do you know the History of the men and women that 
Serve and Protect this man?

And did my
Make it to his Eyes?
or what about

And what about all those people that work around this man
The White House
did they get my

And why is it that Barrack refuses to sit down with me to talk about
as am i not the founder of 

Here are the founding documents

And what about 
The American Prophecy that i wrote
Will this happen in the Future?

As well i can vouch that this 
Alberto Kang Prophecy never did happen

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Is this not me in China on the Great Wall?

Is this not me at some festival in Australia

Is this not me meeting Claudi Karvan at another Australian Festival

Yet for the life of me i seem to not be able to meet this man in Person and get a Photo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I just found out
Steve Jobs Died
and last night i watched this movie

There are so many things i want to write about but as usual
Where online should i write them?

I have seen this speech

And did what he said, i went back and looked at the things that have happened in my life
more correctly i looked at the Emails i was fired for in China and the following emails
i wrote after that

There are some that i look at and i think, What the Fuck was i thinking, and there are others i look at and laugh my ass off at what i was able to write at that time
then there are others i hope people never see what i wrote and then there are some
where i do not mind if people see the emails i wrote at that time

The world did loose a true visionary today

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

The Death of Privacy
And so Tomorrow or soon the Facebook Timeline will be introduced

(however will i hide my messages to The White House?)

Soon all those embarrassing photos from UCLA will be on Facebook for all to see

And who, wait to people find out about what was going on in China

And do not get me started on the things i have seen in other nations around the world

I just wish people could see 
and go and "Like" it

And on a total unrelated circumstance
you should read what is being written at

You know my new Capitalistic Venture is not working out that well
If only there were some American Investors to help out

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I have never met the President

Though he is planned to arrive in Sydney in November 
So you never do know

2 years ago something happened in China that not many people know about
and so  i choose not to enlighten people about what was really going on over the internet.

Right now the Australian Government is trying to bring in a Committee or some form of 
About the Media.

Well i wonder if The Alberto Kang Gazette gets a mention?

9/11 Remembered - 10 years on

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

President Obama to Visit Australia (3rd time is the charm)

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

So once again here we go
The 44th President of the United States
Barack Obama
[note to self: link to Google + account in the future]

Has promised that he will be on his way to Australia in November
After one of those Important Regional Meetings taking place in

I for one will not believe it to be true until i see
Air Force One
arrive in Australia

And then where will RENEGADE go from there?
(I loved that show with Lorenzo Lamas)

Who will he meet?
What Hotel will he stay in?
What restaurant will he eat at?
Who will he Tweet while in the country?
Will he hand out any Orders while in the country?
Will he address Parliament?
Will he play any Basketball or Golf?
Will he update his Facebook Status as "In OZ"?
Who will the Secret Service View as a Threat?
Will The Vice President be on the Trip?
Will he go to Canberra?
Will he visit Brisbane?
Will he take a ride to the Top End like Oprah and go to Ularu or Darwin?
Will he scoot over to Western Australia and stop in at Perth?
Or will he go to the City of Churches, Adelaide?
What TV Shows will Obama go on?
Will he talk to any reporters from The Tom 2.0 live Chronicle?
Will he sit down and talk about
With the Author and Creator?

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Secret Service Target Practice

What really went on in the Meeting?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard: Now, about The Secret Service their use of Target Practice
President Barack Obama: What about it
PMJG: Well we Australians have a suggestion for you
PBO: By all means go ahead

PMJG: Well you need a Bad Guy, so here is a Crazy Australian Teacher that loves to
Volunteer for crazy things all the time, so i am sure he will be fine with it

PBO: So in this Photo the Secret Service shoot the Crazy man, and save
Ayo International Singer and Songwriter

PMJG: And here in this Photo, of Course the Secret Service shoot the Mad Man
and save
Claudia Karvan, Australian TV and Movie Star

PBO: Oh and i suppose here The Secret Service can shoot the bad guy and save
Harry Angus from
The Cat Empire that is Harry Angus from the Cat Empire Band?

PMJG: And here, oh, whats that Secret Service, No need to shoot anyone from this photo?

PBO: I like there idea, lets give these photos to the Secret Service so they can print them out
for target practice, i am sure there is some motivation some of them have to shooting the crazy man from all those Emails he sent.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The President Tweets

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
so as you know i like to think
What would Barack Obama want to tweet to me
at this time
So i thought i would write some so he can just pick and choose

@Albertokang, do some work. BO

@Albertokang, are you sending rude emails again? BO

@Albertokang did you want a meeting for The Future Generation Lobby? BO

@Albertokang i have a comment for your Gazette about a serious internet issue, lets talk BO

@Albertokang are you a person, because there is no record on file for you in California. BO

@Albertokang, where could i buy a Fish Taco at the Festival of @SITG, BO

So there you go,

Anyone, even the President can just copy and paste those into the @BarackObama Twitter account and send them

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google+ Meets The White House

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
And so enters a new Social Networking Experience
If you cant find it, just Google it.

So what will happen when
The White House get their

Will they put me in their "Circile" what Circle will it be
Crazy people circle?
Important messages circle?
Vice President of MySpace Circle?
Future Generation Lobbyist?
Media? The Alberto Kang Gazette Right?

What Circle will i get added to ?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How i had No Face in China

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
This is the story of how i had
in China

In 2008 i went to China.
At that time there was not much information Online about who i was
or what i looked liked.

So i decided to not show my Face on
and see just how long it would take
Americans to find me

Of course being in China is all about FACE
they love to take Photos
and you never want to Loose Face

At the time i had made a Promise that i would not upload my
until i had met
Tom Anderson
but well after the events that got me fired
in China back in 2009 i thought
thats never going to happen so i may as well upload my
and as you know my
often has trouble when its run through
a Facial Recognition Software

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th Message

Dear Future Generations
and any people that
i just happen to tweet or share this Blog with

Tomorrow is July 4th
over the years
that has usually meant i felt the need to write something
online over the internet

Problem is how much do Americans know about me?

There are some Americans that know who i am?
There are other Americans that have no idea who i am.

There some Americans i have no problem offending

there are other Americans i do not want to offend

There some Americans i admire
There are some Americans i have met in real life
There are other Americans i have met online
There are those Americans that i think are dumb and stupid.

I would like to tell people who i was with on July 4th
But for American
National Security Reasons
I am not allowed to tell.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Australian Asylum Story

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
so for those that do not know
there was a TV Show on recently on Australian TV
about Asylum Seekers and Refugees
and they kept saying to
"Have your Say"
so let me tell your my story.

I was born and raised in the Great State of California
in the Mighty American States that are United.

Growing up was difficult and there were many hardships in life.

Early on i was in trouble with the law and many times had to flee across State lines
until the heat died down.

The real trouble started when i sent those emails to
The White House and The Secret Service
Thats when i had to Flee my home country and go in search of another land to live.

So i found China.
And i stayed there for a year or two
until as many Americans know
The Secret Service found me and so i
Executed an Escape plan from China and
Sought refuge and Asylum here in

They say I am Safe and Secure here in Australia
but i do not know
Every moment all the time i keep wondering
just when will the Secret Service find me?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Republican 2012 Candidate: John Simkus

Dear Future Generations
You know this all to be true because
its not like i have ever wrote things that were wrong
up online publicly just for fun
as Freedom of Speech

I see here the Republican Candidate
Walking up
(Photo courtesy of John Simkus Facebook Profile)

Who knew that this was the man that would be facing off the President in just
some months time as Presidential Candidates.

How many people would be using Elect
ions to try to stall or hold up
some form of compromise or agreement or understanding or some form of
just doing the stuff better than we are now

Yes this is the man that is the Republican Candidate for 2012
John Simkus For President:
He stands for whats true about America

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
So i am stuck over here in Australia during this
Memorial Day
Luckily i was able to watch via
this Video

So i was so glad when my close personal friend of
Tom Anderson
too this photo and uploaded it to Twitpic

I may not be there in person but thanks to these two people
i was able to remember those soldiers that fought and died for our freedom

The very freedom that allows me to question why it has taken so long
for Americans to help and support this man
to meet
Tom Anderson in Person
so that a Photo can be taken
Or is that one of the funny things the Chinese have never
worked out about
me as a person and human being

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Secret Service Enters the Twittisphere

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
it has happened
The Secret Service could be following you on your tweets

I for one like the idea of being able to tweet the Secret Service Directly
so much better than other Americans spreading lies about me,

I can just tweet them and set the record straight.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Oval Office Meeting March 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
Fucking Hell it happened again.
I was cut out of the Picture

Fucking Hell Pete Souza when will you take a good Photo of me in the Oval Office

You all know i was there in this Meeting i was sitting just off to the right of
The President

Once again i can't believe i was not in the Photo
Just like last time when you took that photo
The Situation Room
and i was cut out from the Photo as well.

Any way as long as Future Generations have the
Visitor Logs of
The White House
They know i was there as i had to sign in.

The 2012 Campaign Should i Go?

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
I watched this?
So should i drive off to Chicago to join the Campaign?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The President of United States Visits Australia

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
As you know its
[insert date here]
And President Obama has just arrived at Sydney Airport.
For Some reason i was requested by
The Secret Service to remain home and not
Try to go any where near the President.

So here i sit watching the footage online and on TV
Following the Presidents Tweets
and Facebook Updates

So first off he is heading over to [insert building here] where he will meet
[insert person] and [insert person]

I just wonder what version of the
Tom 2.0 Live Secret Service History will be recoded at the time?

Finally Americans get to know who the man is that keeps sending

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Oval Office Meeting

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

Look What meeting took Place

I wonder if they talked about

Though some guy named Tom 2.0 Live got a Tweet from the Prime Minister

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The President and Prime Minister

Dear Future Generations of Humanity, look what two people met today in Washington

And here in the School taking Questions

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

The SOTU adress to the 112th Congress - Alberto Kang Response

The 44the President of the United States
State of the Union Speech 2011
to the
112th Congress
So the State of our Union is "Strong"
And like really was there any other word the President could have used?
Could the President have used these and would
We the American people have accepted it?
Yes we must
Out build, out educate and out innovate the Chinese
I should know i have lived in China for two years
doing some much needed spy work for
The White House

As i watched our President online give the speech i was reminded
of yes
the countless times my fellow Americans have helped me out of difficult
How in my hours of need Americans were there to step in.
Never have i felt more proud to be an American

I was a Teacher over in China
and you are right
Teachers are more respected and treated in such a different manner
than the west or like we do in America.

Yet what can i teach my students this year?
How the nation that speaks of
Freedom of Speech
and how great
our Democratic Republic is
Will not help those striving to achieve those goals our country speaks of
Why did you never send
Tom Anderson
So that we could hold
Fake Elections over who would be the
While in China
So it would have been like, ohhh, no Chinese, this is not a real Election
Its just Fake

There i was in China waiting for my Fellow Americans to arrive and help me
None of them had the secret Passwords or phrases that i had been sending
The White House

Oh and Mr President
Where is the meeting in the Visitor Book for
The Future Generation Lobby?
Or can they just check out our
Tweets and MySpace Messages
and Blogs
And Emails once
you say they can be released to the public

As i write this, you know Mr President
that i was Banned and Deported from China
And now i am trying to get a teaching job over here in

Mind you Mr President i could easily teach some
American Students
Online via Blogs and IM and Facebook and MySpace and YouTube and Twitter
and all that

Friday, January 21, 2011

The American China Relationship - An Alberto Kang Perspective

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

As Alberto Kang, an American from California that has spent some time in China
I would like to state for the record that my
Human Rights were Violated.

That is right my rights were violated.
I was violated by the Chinese.

My Freedom to send through Electronic means the word "Sex".

That is right i was banned from China for 5 years for writing that word and emailing it to
another person.

How was i to know that that was against the law?

Plus you should have seen the stuff i had been writing online on

Or on Skype, or even Blogger or MSN or Gtalk

Wait were are all those Blogs?
Oh wait that is right
Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe
Deleted all of them.

Where can i write down online somewhere uncensored

If there is one thing the Chinese should embrace is
Facebook as MySpace is shit right?
All it did was let me send messages to
The White House from within China
And did the Chinese ever know?
Did you?
No Chinese ever told me if they knew what i was doing?

Wait its 2011 where the fuck is Tom Anderson?

Why has he never done anything to help a
School Teacher that all he ever wanted to do was
have a way to hide the way that he writes sometimes online
and be able to store his life online
the way that he wants.

How come my Blogs and Accounts on were deleted?
Where were the warnings?
How come no one followed
The Internet Protocols of Humanity?

Fuck Americans are pretty fucked at helping me in my pursuit of
Life Liberty and Happiness?

I knew i should have turned and joined the
Chinese Communist Party when i was in China
They knew how to Party

The American China Meeting