Monday, January 31, 2011

The SOTU adress to the 112th Congress - Alberto Kang Response

The 44the President of the United States
State of the Union Speech 2011
to the
112th Congress
So the State of our Union is "Strong"
And like really was there any other word the President could have used?
Could the President have used these and would
We the American people have accepted it?
Yes we must
Out build, out educate and out innovate the Chinese
I should know i have lived in China for two years
doing some much needed spy work for
The White House

As i watched our President online give the speech i was reminded
of yes
the countless times my fellow Americans have helped me out of difficult
How in my hours of need Americans were there to step in.
Never have i felt more proud to be an American

I was a Teacher over in China
and you are right
Teachers are more respected and treated in such a different manner
than the west or like we do in America.

Yet what can i teach my students this year?
How the nation that speaks of
Freedom of Speech
and how great
our Democratic Republic is
Will not help those striving to achieve those goals our country speaks of
Why did you never send
Tom Anderson
So that we could hold
Fake Elections over who would be the
While in China
So it would have been like, ohhh, no Chinese, this is not a real Election
Its just Fake

There i was in China waiting for my Fellow Americans to arrive and help me
None of them had the secret Passwords or phrases that i had been sending
The White House

Oh and Mr President
Where is the meeting in the Visitor Book for
The Future Generation Lobby?
Or can they just check out our
Tweets and MySpace Messages
and Blogs
And Emails once
you say they can be released to the public

As i write this, you know Mr President
that i was Banned and Deported from China
And now i am trying to get a teaching job over here in

Mind you Mr President i could easily teach some
American Students
Online via Blogs and IM and Facebook and MySpace and YouTube and Twitter
and all that

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