Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
and so 
APEC in Honolulu in Hawaii is drawing to a close.
So in two days
none other than
This man

 will be arriving in Australia
So just what will happen?

Do you know the History of the men and women that 
Serve and Protect this man?

And did my
Make it to his Eyes?
or what about

And what about all those people that work around this man
The White House
did they get my

And why is it that Barrack refuses to sit down with me to talk about
as am i not the founder of 

Here are the founding documents

And what about 
The American Prophecy that i wrote
Will this happen in the Future?

As well i can vouch that this 
Alberto Kang Prophecy never did happen

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