Tuesday, September 13, 2011

President Obama to Visit Australia (3rd time is the charm)

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

So once again here we go
The 44th President of the United States
Barack Obama
[note to self: link to Google + account in the future]

Has promised that he will be on his way to Australia in November
After one of those Important Regional Meetings taking place in

I for one will not believe it to be true until i see
Air Force One
arrive in Australia

And then where will RENEGADE go from there?
(I loved that show with Lorenzo Lamas)

Who will he meet?
What Hotel will he stay in?
What restaurant will he eat at?
Who will he Tweet while in the country?
Will he hand out any Orders while in the country?
Will he address Parliament?
Will he play any Basketball or Golf?
Will he update his Facebook Status as "In OZ"?
Who will the Secret Service View as a Threat?
Will The Vice President be on the Trip?
Will he go to Canberra?
Will he visit Brisbane?
Will he take a ride to the Top End like Oprah and go to Ularu or Darwin?
Will he scoot over to Western Australia and stop in at Perth?
Or will he go to the City of Churches, Adelaide?
What TV Shows will Obama go on?
Will he talk to any reporters from The Tom 2.0 live Chronicle?
Will he sit down and talk about
With the Author and Creator?

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