Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Australian Asylum Story

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
so for those that do not know
there was a TV Show on recently on Australian TV
about Asylum Seekers and Refugees
and they kept saying to
"Have your Say"
so let me tell your my story.

I was born and raised in the Great State of California
in the Mighty American States that are United.

Growing up was difficult and there were many hardships in life.

Early on i was in trouble with the law and many times had to flee across State lines
until the heat died down.

The real trouble started when i sent those emails to
The White House and The Secret Service
Thats when i had to Flee my home country and go in search of another land to live.

So i found China.
And i stayed there for a year or two
until as many Americans know
The Secret Service found me and so i
Executed an Escape plan from China and
Sought refuge and Asylum here in

They say I am Safe and Secure here in Australia
but i do not know
Every moment all the time i keep wondering
just when will the Secret Service find me?

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