Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Australian Sex Party)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Australian Sex Party Win)
(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Australians

Good Morning and i would like to welcome you all to the the first ever
Press Briefing with me
Tom 2.0 Live
As your
Press Secretary

We here at the Australian Sex Party with the newly elected
[insert party leader name] Government
would like to thank all the supporters and voters for their mandate by voting for us.

Of course we straight away will be putting in place
The Internet Protocols of Humanity

Because what else would we do but use my writings
the very man that was fired for sending rude material in China
and was Deported for 5 years.

And of course i am so glad i saw all you fuckers out there sign this
The Declaration of Independence 2010

At the Australian Sex Party you all know how strongly we feel about
Democracy so you can bet your fucking ass we all voted in this
The Election of the President of MySpace.com

In the Interest of Openness and Transparency
(and the fact the Chinese already have these documents)
I am here to disclose the Top Secret Tom 2.0 Live Documents

Being the Security Time Check Alpha
Communication Break Down
The Tom 2.0 Live Network
and of course
The Tom 2.0 Live Communication and Presidential Recording System

I will now take your Questions...
And have you seen the Emails that got me fired from my last job?

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