Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lobyist for Future Generations of Humanity

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

As you can see here from my
White House
I have completed my assignment of
Lobbying for you.

As you know you are Future Generations of Humanity
And you will know what i have been doing all this time
Lobbying on your behalf to
The White House

Now if only that Face to Face meeting will happen.

Because what possible reason could there be for
Luke Maniskas
The Lobyist for Future Generations of Humanity
from being able to have a Face to Face with the President?

Could it be some of the things i wrote and sent as
Alberto Kang to Secret Service?

Sort of like the things i was sending for two years while i was in China.

Any way as you can see i have represented you well

And Just how offensive is my writing if i could be Deported from China for 5 years?

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