Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Communist Party)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Communist Party Win)
(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Communist Australians
Welcome to this interesting new idea and fascinating new way for the
Government to interact and listen to the voices of the people and the Press
in a Freely and open way that is
Transparent and Exciting

I Tom 2.0 Live am your new Press Secretary

We here at new elected representative of the people in government
Led by our proficient and efficient and dedicated and esteemed leader
[insert name here]

If you are wanting to experience this new form of Governmental Interaction
you can log in and
Sign this
Deceleration of Independence of 2010

And if you are so inclined to experience this thrilling new idea of Democracy
you may cast a vote for who you want as the leader
of the
Communist Party
in this
Election for the President of MySpace.com
and as just we would like to keep the firewall of internet supremacy with
Internet Protocols of Humanity

My Fellow Comrades lets Celebrate this glorious day by getting drunk and going out and
singing and dancing and drinking and smoking
as that is what we always seem to do.

No more questions that is our statement tell the people, now lets all go get drunk.

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