Monday, July 26, 2010

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Greens Version)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Greens Party Win)

(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Australians

I would like to introduce you to the first ever Press Briefing
of the newly elected
Brown Government
Not quite Green but Green enough.

My name is Tom 2.0 Live and i will be your Press Secretary

Personally fuck man we are so thankful you voted for us
really we didn't think anyone knew we existed

And Fuck man just to be considered was an Honor but to Vote us in
Thanks Everyone for the support.

And so glad we all decided to Sign this
Deceleration of Independence of 2010.

And dam man so glad we all showed our democratic right and privalage to Vote
in the first ever
Election for the President of

and yes we will all be glad to see these
Internet Protocols of Humanity
Implemented as soon as possible for the
Safety and Security of our nation.

Now who is over the shock that we were voted in and has a real question to ask?

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