Saturday, July 24, 2010

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary

August 22nd 2010.
Parliament House
Press Briefing
Press Secretary : Tom 2.0 Live(photo courtesy of Latika M Bourke Political Reporter)

My Fellow Australians
I would like to welcome you here to this the first ever
Press Briefing from the first ever Press Secretary of
Tom 2.0 Live

As such i was too bored and lazy to come up with my own
National Security System so
Lets just copy the United States of America and use
Barack Obama's

In the interest of Openness and Transparency with the newly elected
[insert political party here]
and the undertaking of the
Web 2.0 Government Inititives
My time in China has been posted online
For an Eternity for all Australians to see

(i sort of made them into a TV Show like Blog Form)
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

However yes there are things of my life that are Classified as
and even at times

so do not be surprised if that's what i answer with and then give you no more details.

Yep in the interest of National Security i will lie to the Australian people at times.

I would like to thank the newly elected Prime Minster
[insert winner of election here]

And for being able to Move Forward and Stand up for Real Action and
Sign this
Deceleration fo Independence 2010

And as i voted for them it was so good they voted for me in the
Election of the President of

I am pleased the Australian people all decided to come to some
Compromise and agreement
and implement these
Internet Protocols of Humanity

As for today's business i will take some questions
Who should i call on first?
If only i knew the names of reporters?
If only they would email me at
so i can check you are who you say you are

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