Monday, July 26, 2010

The First Australian Press Breifing with a Press Secretary (Labor Version)

August 22nd
Parliament House Australia
Press Secretary: Tom 2.0 Live
(Labor Party Win)

(Photo courtesy of Hayden Cooper Political Reporter ABC News)

My Fellow Australians
I would like to welcome you here to the first ever Press Briefing with
Press Secretary
Tom 2.0 live

Here are some opening remarks and then i will take your questions.

The election was a long and difficult race, it was tough and yes
it did come down to that photo finish

The Gillard Government would like to thank all those that helped and worked
tirelessly throughout the campaign.

We are glad Australians could Move Forward and sign
The Declaration of Independence of 2010

As i am sure you can all see
The Official Labor Space on Account signed that.

And i would like to thank all the helpful Labor Supporters that voted in
The Election for the President of

And as of today the
Internet Protocols of Humanity
will be followed by all Australians
negating the need for an Internet Filter

Ok, i will take your Questions now...

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