Thursday, May 6, 2010

Press Briefing 2010.0506

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

JAKE TAPPER: Do you think the President feels lucky that the terrorist failed?

Answer: Fuck yes, the President feels lucky, are you kidding me, some bomb failed to go off just because the idiot terrorist did not know how to make a bomb, of course the President feels fucking lucky wouldn't you?

REPORTER: Someone was put on a No Fly List and was still able to get on the plane anyway?

ANSWER: of course you fucking nob, how else can DHS find out if he was going to signal anyone before flying off with a message or something. As if they did not know where he was and what he was doing at that time.

REPORTER: can you explain the exact process of the NO FLY List and the Checks and Balances (paraphrased)

ANSWER: Thank God Gibbs just told the truth, no its not a good idea to Publicly explain the process. Though i would have just said, no thats TOP SECRET


As you can see here is my Oath of Allegiance Evidence.

REPORTER: Is this President Obamas Katrina?

ANSWER: Yes Every President from now on has a Katrina, The 45th President will have a Katrina, and it will be like "Is this like Obamas Katrina or Bush's Kartina?"
But i say mix it up, like This is Obama's Henry, or George, or Katie, or Lenny.

Alberto Kang

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