Monday, July 25, 2011

The President Tweets

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
so as you know i like to think
What would Barack Obama want to tweet to me
at this time
So i thought i would write some so he can just pick and choose

@Albertokang, do some work. BO

@Albertokang, are you sending rude emails again? BO

@Albertokang did you want a meeting for The Future Generation Lobby? BO

@Albertokang i have a comment for your Gazette about a serious internet issue, lets talk BO

@Albertokang are you a person, because there is no record on file for you in California. BO

@Albertokang, where could i buy a Fish Taco at the Festival of @SITG, BO

So there you go,

Anyone, even the President can just copy and paste those into the @BarackObama Twitter account and send them

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google+ Meets The White House

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
And so enters a new Social Networking Experience
If you cant find it, just Google it.

So what will happen when
The White House get their

Will they put me in their "Circile" what Circle will it be
Crazy people circle?
Important messages circle?
Vice President of MySpace Circle?
Future Generation Lobbyist?
Media? The Alberto Kang Gazette Right?

What Circle will i get added to ?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How i had No Face in China

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
This is the story of how i had
in China

In 2008 i went to China.
At that time there was not much information Online about who i was
or what i looked liked.

So i decided to not show my Face on
and see just how long it would take
Americans to find me

Of course being in China is all about FACE
they love to take Photos
and you never want to Loose Face

At the time i had made a Promise that i would not upload my
until i had met
Tom Anderson
but well after the events that got me fired
in China back in 2009 i thought
thats never going to happen so i may as well upload my
and as you know my
often has trouble when its run through
a Facial Recognition Software

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th Message

Dear Future Generations
and any people that
i just happen to tweet or share this Blog with

Tomorrow is July 4th
over the years
that has usually meant i felt the need to write something
online over the internet

Problem is how much do Americans know about me?

There are some Americans that know who i am?
There are other Americans that have no idea who i am.

There some Americans i have no problem offending

there are other Americans i do not want to offend

There some Americans i admire
There are some Americans i have met in real life
There are other Americans i have met online
There are those Americans that i think are dumb and stupid.

I would like to tell people who i was with on July 4th
But for American
National Security Reasons
I am not allowed to tell.