Monday, October 19, 2009

The Search for the Super Hot Model in Wuhan - CANCELLED

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

The Search for the
Alberto Kang
Vice President of

Hot Model of Wuhan has been Cancelled.

Due to the two stupid dumb ass american bitches that could not work out that
they needed to sign a

Sent back to This Human Man Typing Live
with any of his Email Accounts he has.

They knew i was just a man fucking sitting all alone at a Computer waiting
to meet this man
Tom Anderson

Yet i am the man that is also
Typing to create
A Safe Space for Minors

Like i did not know something was up after one week when rumours
where already spreading that i was trying to
Prostitute Liz Voeller and Katie Burkhardt.

Dont people know
ALberto Kang
is all about

Plus i did not want to have to live with another year of always worrying about
what photo of me would be taken and how it could be taken out of context.

Is this usually how i type as Alberto Kang
As it is not into MYPSACE.COM LIVE into my ALBERTO KANG account.

Neither was when i got fired, but i just thought i may as well transfer some of the
information and energy and urgency that i usually show to the
White House
to an Actual Human Being.

Three years and i still can not find contacts over the internet
of people that do want to have Sex with me for free
and are Over 18
Not My Family
Not my Family's close Friends
or Any of my Students.

if you know any hot women
tell them to send a Photo with an Email and Phone number to

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