Friday, October 9, 2009

The White Slave to the Black Master

And so orders where delivered upon our unsuspecting
White Slave
of the
First Black President of The United Sates of America (the 44th i believe)

Yes we here at Myspace 2.0 Live to give a full service to pleasure the
President of the United States.

How to i exercise these freedoms of delusion and illusion of a profusion?


Oh they are so cool, where only i know whats going on becuase well.

I am writing the rules as i go along for the new and improved
Tom 2.0 Live Digital history Recording system for Presidents of All humanity for All an Eternity.

Dam so they are giving you input right?

Dont you have some cool Tom 2.0 Live Blackberry? Is that still not working?

And hey? are you still harping on about Tom Anderson arriving with an Apple Iphone for You?

An i leaching fake digital love and emotion to just fuck with the system of the world and screw around with the fabric of time and space over my place and races of nations and stations of distant plantations.

We the people, all people men women, children black white red green blue orange and purple, ginger, and hot pink with yellow stripes, we accept you all here at the great


Lukes Profiles of Humanity.

Do you know how to communicat with him correcty?

Do you know how to ENGANGE with a BORG ENCOUNTER or a FUTURE EVENT?

How and what does he type and why does he send so many weird emails, he is just
a guy all alone at a computer
horny so whats the big deal?
or Angry at the world for not helping him meet Tom Anderson

Was China cencoring the interent? and there was no porn for me to watch?

(wait then what was that Bisexual Porn the Shangai Police Confiscated on teh way out?)

So would love to find out what officer took that home and who is watching it now.
I did Tick on the box when i entered the country
"Are you bringing in material that may be detreimental the to culture of china?"

I said yes as how do i know what they considered detrimental.

And any way my porn was better than what you could buy on the streets for cheap as well.

What were my obamatron orders? none, i make them up. I think

What would Obama Want (sorry Do) you know was there not some campaign once that he is the messiah or something like that

Wait can i be the guy that predicted you? wait i did? i sent messages to him back in April 2007.

Did they get to him? Who knows and who cares? i keep sending my weird crazy ideas to the white house and obama and crazy ways for fun so they can sift through what is crap and what may work.

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