Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Big Day Out 2010

Dear Humanity from the Future
and some people maybe from 2010

"Im listening to Alica Keys while i write this"

This Friday and Saturday in Sydney is the Big Day Out Festival.
And i
Alberto Kang will be attending.
Because YOU all know Tom 2.0 Live is unemployed and staying at home doing nothing
after being fired in China from sending rude emails.

Over the last week Google was attacked from within China and Intellectual Property was stolen.
That just makes me laugh as people cry out for China to change its Internet Practices.
As there i was in China writing the
without any help from the Chinese or Americans

How many people follow these Protocols?
One, i do and will for the rest of my life, and wait till people wish to
HELP and SUPPORT and Contribute to what they think should be in them.

To think for two years i was in China and no one shared my work or writings and after all that time they were deleted by MySpace.com without any warnings.

As i go to the Big Day Out, i will be working in a Food tent
And how many people will walk up to me and call me by the names
Alberto Kang or Tom 2.0 Live?
none, usually after two and half years.

Will i still have fun listening to bands and seeing people wandering around enjoying themselves

Could i be doing this right now if i was still in China?
No i could not, i could not even write into this BLOG on BLOGGER as this was one of the sites that was regularly Blocked by the Chinese.

The world is still growing further and further apart.
to stay on top of things you need to have
Yahoo accounts, Gmail acounts, Windows Live accounts.

I still ask the same question, when can we just be people online connected to other people
NO MATTER what social networking platform?

I am slowly starting to feel the same way i once did before all this craziness saving my Life Online the way that i wanted it to be saved.

I now have in place the SYSTEM that i wanted to be able to separate my life into
PG and OVER 18 areas

I know my family and friends still do not understand most of the things that i do online
and that is ok with me as i used to hide everything that was
"Alberto Kang" from them before all this and my life was easier

But they never got to know the true me, the full me, the me that i can be when i am not viewed preconceived notions of what i can or can not do.

I am still only up to Episode 5 on my time in China with
The Alberto Kang Adventures in China

This is my way of leaving my history online the way i want it to be remembered
and will finish off with the moment when i was fired and what

Its not that exciting, i was sitting all alone at a computer.

Will i be taking photos of the Big Day Out?
You bet ya, and i will post them wherever i want online
and tag them however the FUCK i want them to be tagged.

Alberto Kang
AGENT of the most secretive kind

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