Thursday, January 28, 2010

When the Writings on the Wall

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
it is stardate

And some PERSONAL things in my life have happened, and well you guys will know what they are as you have ACCESS to my full history of my life

I am writing this, in the place i will be writing many of my Blogs this year

Tom anderson? still never met the guy
People commented on my Myspace? hardly any, you can see for yourselves the dates.

I just watched the STATE OF THE UNION.
That was my first ever State of the Union that i have ever seen

Once again President Obama surprised me with just how humble and down to earth this man is that is in charge of the American Armed Forces.

Also a man that is there to do what he should be, fighting for the American people.
Its too bad many of the American people do not see the same thing and are too
impatient to wait for the changes that he can make come about.

Yes CHANGE TAKES TIME, i know that, the people of America should understand that too.

oh and i have 85 followers on my twitter, big whoop

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