Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Haiti Earthquake - 2010

Dear Future Generations of Humanity
and perhaps some people
Living in

As most people in the world today know there was an earthquake in Haiti.

The worlds response to this makes me WANT to believe again in

That even when things are bad and grave, people will chip in to help each other out.

What i think should be noted is the large amount of natural disasters that have been taking place over the last decade or so.

the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand
The 2007 Earthquake in China
Hurricane Katrina
and many more.

Are these ways of the earth telling us to CHANGE?
Are these ways of saying these are areas not to live in?
Are these just natural occurrences of a system so vast and great that we
are unable to fully comprehend

What i do like out of this is the LIVE SATELLITE images that are being made available so quickly to the public after the event
so that we can all have
of the Earth that we live on.
Something i have been wanting and trying to get for years now.
just me, one man all alone sitting at a computer.

One day my dream may just come true.
A world where we are able to log on to the
and see the ACTUAL WORLD we live on
Via Live Satellite Coverage
not just fake digital worlds, or Virtual Worlds .

One day, i hope and i dream.

There are people that are dead in Haiti and there are people that are dying.
There are those around the world fighting in Wars and there are
Those around the world just fighting

I wrote this once in a blog on over the last two years, but it was deleted by

The easiest way for PEACE is simply for people to but down their weapons.

I hope in these coming days the food and clothing and resources that the people of
Haiti NEED so desperately arrive there in time.

Will people in 2010 read this BLOG?
I dont know and i never care anymore, these are mainly written for
as i am
Tom 2.0 Live
and i am sitting all alone

Why should i write to people living in 2010?
No one shares my writing like i asked and wanted and needed in 2007,2008,2009.
And because of that lots of my writing were lost on
when Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe deleted my accounts.

This is why i write so many things
using different accounts and profiles
so that there is BACK UPS of the information i write to you
As no one in 2010 cares what i have to say or do.
Even though i was in China for two years and never got in trouble for what i wrote online
yet was fired for the same messages when i sent them to

Will any of my students see this?
I doubt it
Do i care anymore?
No i do not.

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